Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nazi America

Last night, I spent the late evening with friends. The night consisted of a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle, a "Gotta have it" (large) Cake and Shake milk shake from Cold Stone, and a movie. The movie we chose to see was Quentin Tarantino's new film, Inglourious Basterds starring Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, and B.J. Novak (The Office). The movie takes place in WW2 Germany, and focuses on a band of American's that go undercover, and behind enemy lines, to kill Adolf Hitler. I personally liked the movie. It was funny and balanced. It was bloody, but not to extremes (it IS a war movie after all). It was humorous and entertaining... but less than 100% factually accurate. This is not a post critiquing a movie, but this serves to bring me to my point.

As we were leaving the movie theater, I found myself going over the facts that I had learned in high school. Replaying in my mind the things that I learned, and comparing them to Hollywoods version. Seeing as how I've been out of school for, going on eight years now, some of these facts were a bit shady to me. When I got home, I attempted to refresh my memory on some certain things via the interweb. As I read about Nazis, Hitler, and the SS, I started to remember some things. The more I read, the more I remembered. Suddenly, it hit me. America is slip-sliding in the direction of Nazi Germany.

Before the flaming starts, I do not think that Mr Obama wants to kill Jews or that Nancy Pelosi is going to start setting up concentration camps. I'm merely pointing out the FACT that there are multiple similarities, with more and more being made evident each and every day. (On a side note, I think we could learn a few things from the Nazis. One thing they did that I wish America WOULD adopt, is a strict prohibition on, and penalties for, abortion... but I digress...)

So many comparisons... where to begin? Might as well jump right into it. No use in dancing around the issue. Social Welfare, anyone? Different sources give different definitions, but essentially they all elude to "assistance given by the government to those in need" (although I think sometimes that the word "need" is being exaggerated, but that's another rant).

Several instances of this in America today jump to mind, besides the welfare system itself. Remember the lady at President Obamas town hall meting in Florida? The lady (Henrietta Hughes) who was in tears because she and her son were living in her car? She was given a house. They GAVE it to her. Free and clear. To see just a FRACTION of why this puts me in a state of mind, that I have coined: "insta-pissed", feel free to visit this website.

How about bail-outs? Nazi Germany focused on making jobs for citizens (green jobs?) and maintaining a minimum life style for ALL Germans ("Spreading the wealth" policies?). Volkswagen literally translates to "Peoples Car". It was a government program to create a vehicle that all could afford. Sounds a lot like the government controlling the auto industry to me. Although it isn't the EXACT same thing, it also sounds a bit similar to "Cash for clunkers". Government, giving you money, to buy a government car. They're using a different excuse, and a different method (or cover) to achieve the same result.

Ever hear of the Autobahn? Nazi transportation program. I wish that I had time to total the amount of Stimulus Package money that was being spend on transportation. 4,724 projects on streets and roads (like the Autobahn) alone, not to mention the 1400+ general transit projects (airports, trolleys, etc).

The Nazis were big on anti-smoking, and we too are placing extra taxes on cigarettes and tobacco, trying to force people to quit. (I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying it's a similarity). Nazi's had an environmental conscience... although I think they were smarter about it than we are... and were interested in the benefits of organic foods. Our government now is trying to tax certain foods/ drinks to influence our citizens to "eat healthier". They also had a heart for animals, and even tried to ban hunting/fishing practices.

These are not all the similarities, but they are all I will list at this time. As I said previously, not all of these are bad things. Some are good things. I merely point them out to show that we are more alike than we like to believe. God help us if we don't realize how we look, and perhaps, continue to look more like each day. Eventually it could be hard to see where the "looks like" ends, and the "acts like" begins.

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