Friday, November 13, 2009

Backwards priorities

As I sit here this morning, I again contemplate something that I've thought about often in the last 2 weeks. That thought: my priorities are JACKED! Just one example:

I was thinking the other day about how connected the world is becoming. Smart phones, social networking sites... Google Wave... As a matter of fact, this very blog is being typed on my BlackBerry Curve. I have facebook and twitter not only on the internet, but applications on both my BlackBerry and iPod Touch. I can check/ update the status of/ load pictures too those sites from just about aywhere. As long as I have a phone signal or WiFi, I can tell the entire world about what I'm having for lunch, how bored I am at work, or share a humorous quote from famous person that we think is important or influential.

Then it hit me... I have a Bible on my desk. One in my car, one at home, on my BlackBerry, on my iPod, on the internet, and even an entire Bible study application on my MacBook. How often do I look at that?

I look at my phone for fb/ twitter updates several times a day. Sometimes up to 65 times (thanks @RNC. Jerks.), but I'll go days or even weeks without looking at any form of Bible media outside of church. Printed or electronic, multiple translations (41 to be exact. In 21 languages), get ignored. I need no signal from an outside source. If my internet crashes, I can read via my cell phone signal. If both go out, I can read the offline versions I downloaded to my iPod. Or... I can read the book itself. Atleast, I should...

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