Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life giving rain

As I was letting my dog out for his morning #1 yesterday, or was it day before (I don't know... it was 6:30 AM...) I was standing on my porch, watching the rain. From somewhere deep inside of me, I had a profound though (which is even more impressive given the time. I usually don't know my own name at 6:30 AM).

As a Christian, I've heard The Holy Spirit compared to "rain" more times than I could possibly count. In songs, in sermons, in The Bible itself. The comparison is absolutely everywhere. For some reason, on this morning (whatever morning it was), it made sense. Standing in the cool, sweet smelling air, listening to the drops splatter around me... I got it.

There are different kinds of rain events, just like there are different kinds of Holy Spirit encounters. Sometimes He comes as a quick sprinkling, just long enough to drop the temperature of your situation, and cool down your circumstance. Sometimes, as a summer thunder storm, loud and violent and dangerous, but beautiful and exciting. Other times, like the morning in question, He comes as a slow, steady, soaking shower. This type of rain doesn't just evaporate away when the sun comes up. It penetrates the earth, hard and dry as it may be. It gets deep down, and changes things from the root. It brings life. Dead and withered things become fresh, and new, and green once again. The dust gets washed away, and the soil is renewed, preparing the way for the things that will grow next.

I've always heard people say "he doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain". Looking at rain this way, why would you want too??

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